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Jenniffer says...
Hi, We are in Desperate need of Help to Finance Legal Representation for My Mother Sylvia, whom has suffered from M.S.for 30 years and Can Not Provide for Herself any longer.
Through Nefarious Means another Family Member took Advantage of My Mother and Gained Half Ownership of Her Home and Property in Live Oak Florida as a Joint Tenant with Rights of Survivor-ship. The Warranty Deed can be viewed Here
at the Suwanee County Clerk of Court Website.
Not only was the Home compromised but all of Her Cash assets was taken as well after the Death of My Father with this
Power of Attorney
That was Signed while Sylvia was in the Hospital getting a Complete Shoulder Replacement after Suffering from a Fall and Under Heavy effects of Drugs for the Pain.

We Moved my Mom here to Daytona Beach Florida after we learned of The Exploitation and She Lives in an apartment under Us. But This has Created almost an Unbearable Burden on Me and My Family.
We Live on $350 a week if My Husband gets in 40 hours, He is a Landscaper and his work is controlled by the Horrible Florida Weather.
My Husband even Published a Ebook on Amazon Kindle Titled
A Successful Exploitation of The Elderly
when we became aware of How My Mom was Exploited.
I filed complaints with the Florida States Attorney office in Live Oak, Florida; but was told afterward that The matter had to be handled in the Civil Courts.
I have Tried over and over Again to get Help from Government Agency's only to be Denied and Told that my Mom's Asset's are too Great because of the Property in Live Oak.
They Care not that my Mom Can Not Sell the Property because of the Joint Tenant With Right Of Survivor-ship.
We are in The Process of Setting up an Appointment with
Elder Law Attorney Randal Schecter in the Hopes of Getting Proper Legal Representation in This Matter.

Please Help Us Fund the Legal Cost's of an Elder Law Attorney so my Mom Can Rightfully Sell Her Property!!!!!!

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